The Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus Painted on Wood

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A genuinely stunning and ornately painted vintage Ethiopian Christian religious art piece. The painting is on two pieces of hand carved wood, with a carved pattern and cross at the top, a nickel metal design attached to the wood and small sticks of wood sewn along the "handle" into a canvas weaved lining.

The top portion of this piece consists of 5 Ethiopian angels with their wings.

Inside the circle of the bottom half, depicts a robed and crowned Virgin Mary, cradling baby Jesus before a gathered crowd.

This wooden sculpture is meant to hang on a wall and is guaranteed to stand out due to its extremely unique and authentic Ethiopian roots. This is a one of a kind and very rare sculpture because it was commissioned by a top merchant in Addis Ababa and then specially hand crafted for select clientele. The top distinction, the fine quality, the meticulous detail and exquisite shape make it the prized Ethiopian goody of Abyssinian Kiosk.

Measurement in Inches (Entire Length x Circle Base Radius x "Handle" Width x Entire Thickness):

  • 29" x 10" x 4 3/4" x 1"

Weight: Approximately 5 lbs

Handmade and hand painted in Ethiopia, Africa

***Please Note: Since this item is handmade and vintage there will be imperfections