Abyssinian / [ab-uh-sin-ee-un] / adjective / - Of or relating to Ethiopia or its inhabitants
Kiosk / [kee-osk] / noun / - A small open-fronted hut or cubicle from which t-shirts, hoodies, Kaffa mugs are sold

Originally, I created Abyssinian Kiosk because of my lifelong adoration of Abyssinian [Ethiopian] Coptic Orthodox crosses. There are over 300 cross designs handcrafted in Ethiopia, with the earliest designs dating back to approximately 1020 AD.

I wanted to see the crosses that I admired and collected as a child printed on various items, so I taught myself how to use Adobe Illustrator and created this website. Over time, I have added various designs to appeal to those with varied preferences. I hope you enjoy my artful expression and appreciate bold colors, intricate patterns, with some occasional simplicity thrown in.

I kindly thank you for reading this snippet, browsing this site and I am extremely grateful and humbled if you made a purchase.








Merone Lofton, the owner and artist behind Abyssinian Kiosk